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Price: $68 to $425 at 4 stores
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Awesome bass

Sound I've played so many basses but this one is amazing.With the switch on you can get a nice fat tone that is great for fingerpicking and with a pick.
Switch off is great for slap and is even better for pick playing. It's completely quiet when not played, no buzzing or anything, but this baby can be loud.
The basss was perfect from the factory .The Switch does not make any noise and the controls are solid.
The hardware doesn't look or feel like it will have problems in the next 20 years and the strap buttons are a bit small, but they do the trick.
This bass seems built for a shredder . I had an Ibanez soundgear and an ESP and this one smashes them all.
I love the tone and the versatility of the electronics on this bass.

Action, Fit, & Finish It has 25 frets. It is a solid top and is made out of a material called luthite. It has an active Bartolini mk1 which gives incredible response.
It has an on and off switch for the active electronics and it has volume, bass, middle, and treble knobs. The neck is maple and modern c shaped. The fretboard is Ebonol.

Reliability & Durability I use it only in my studio to record my own songs but in about 4 years it's still looking brand new.

Customer Support No problems so far.

Liked about it 1- Finishing

2- Tones

3- Neck was made for a shredder

4- Price

Didn't like Nothing bad about it

Overall satisfaction:

By 6fingers
Nov 22, 2009
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Price: $68 to $425
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at 4 stores

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