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Warwick Corvette Standard

The Warwick Corvette Standard Bass is beautifully made and has that characteristic low growl for which Warwicks are famous. As with all Warwick guitars and basses, it features premium tonewoods throughout: a bubinga body and 3-piece ovangkol neck with wenge fingerboard. This is an active bass with a versatile MEC 2-band preamp. Fitted with MEC J/J pickups, and chrome...

Price: $300 to $622 at 5 stores
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An affordable leap into the high end bass world featured

Sound As far as amps I am using a Tech 21 NYC Landmark 600 head and a David Eden XLT 4x12 cab. Stylistically, I use this for metal, prog rock, and the occasional film score. I must note that I use this bass most going direct and for recording purposes as opposed to live. This is a monster of a bass! Thanks to its active preamp you can really shape whatever tone you would want to go for. It has a very powerful active bass cut and boost which can easily overdrive my bass rig. I generally leave my EQ flat and the pickup blend toward the neck pickups when I am playing into an amp. If I am recording direct, I will play a lot with the onboard EQ and usually crank the bass control a little. The Corvette is a very full sounding bass. With my live rig, it just kills! The low sounds very full and just monstrous. I would characterize the sound as a modern bass sound. It can do vintage, but its strong point is for that full on huge tone.

Action, Fit, & Finish I won't speak of the action, but I will talk about some other things. The guys at Warwick are really creative guys and have added things to this bass that are not only very functional, but also just plan awesome. The first thing I noticed, is that the frets are made of bell brass. Not only does this just look cool, but it most likely adds some mojo in the tone department. From what I understand, brass is a very 'musical' metal. The nut is actually adjustable which totally blew me away. Until this bass, I have never seen a bass, or a guitar with an adjustable nut before. It seems so logical, but for some reason nobody else has done it. Next, both the truss rod cover and the back control plate are accessible without a screwdriver. Both covers will open and snap closed with their little built in tabs. The finish looks to be an oil finish with a wax top coat. This looks and feels nice, but it takes a little care on the owner's part to keep it looking and feeling nice. My only real gripe with the bass is the neck. Not only is the neck huge, but it is a little heavy, as is the entire bass. I think the bass would be ever more awesome if they had gone for a somewhat slimmer neck profile. This in tern would cut down on the weight and help make the bass less neck heavy. Overall, the bass was put together very well. The quality is outstanding.

Reliability & Durability This bass is built like a tank, and it weighs as much as one! I would have no fear when gigging with this bass, aside from the safety of my band mates if they collided with the headstock.

Customer Support Never had to deal with them

Liked about it Sounds great!
Beautiful looks
Nice playability

Didn't like A little neck heavy
Neck is huge!
Finish requires maintenance

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By Severinsteelsmit
Dec 21, 2009
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Price: $300 to $622
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