The Guitar Hero Series: Adil Mills
Written by Ava   

Mozart, Beethoven, Bach, Chopin, Pachelbel. They are some of the classical music masters who have made great music masterpieces. Their names are also, most of the times, instantly associated with the yesteryears and it is a common conception that only people of older generations can relate to them. That’s where Adil Mills enter.

Playing Mozart’s Requiem Mass is not an easy task. Experienced piano players may have difficulties with the piece. However, Adil Mills has no problems with playing Requiem Mass – on an electric guitar! This 25-year old man plays classical pieces on his electric guitar.

A definite guitar hero material, here’s our interview with this musical genius.

You have an unusual way of playing the classical masterpieces, how did you get to this kind of thing?

I was not really into classical music before. During my high-school years, I was part of a school band where we play punk-pop genre. One time, my friend tricked us into watching this Korean love story movie titled My Sassy Girl. One of the dramatic scenes was when the main character played a piano piece to his girlfriend. The song kept playing in my head – even after the movie. So I searched for the songs and later on learned that it was Pachelbel’s Canon in D. The piece has become my first favourite classical music. After a few months, I saw a Youtube video of Sung Ha Jung playing the Canon in D using his electric guitar. The video sparked a shift into what I am doing now.

Interesting. I understand that you have a regular day job and with all these classic-music-slash-electric-guitar-version, do you still have time to do some hobbies? Or is playing the guitar your only interest?

Aside from playing the guitar, I also love my cats. I have four of them at home. I used to go to Casinos but has not been able to go on one for the past three months due to my busy schedule. Now, I would just go to OLC to play black-jack - or roulette online, make money by gambling, and play poker online.


You mentioned “Arabic”. Do you have an Arabic blood in you?

Yes, my mother is of Arab descent. She was born in Saudi and studied the United States where he met my father who was a history teacher back then. This is the reason why my name is Adil. My name means wise and insightful.

Does having an Arab blood has any influence in your music?

My taste for music is mainly influenced by the American pop music. I think that the only influence brought by being Arab is my love for gambling and the casino. I’m not sure though if my blood has something to do with the luck I had in making money through card games such as black-jack and poker.

What do you feel while playing classical music on your electric guitar? What have you realized after you have mastered to fuse these two completely different fields?

It feels good. It made me appreciate classical music more. I feel that I am putting some flavours into these classic masterpieces. It’s like eating something that you have not eaten since birth and loving the food to the point that it has become your favourite dish.

What can you say to those people who are “classical extremist” who frown on your works and thinks that what you are doing is an insult to the piece that you are playing?

I have not yet met anyone who disliked what I am doing. In fact, a lot of acquaintances loved my style and made research on the original piece. In a way, younger generations are initially exposed to these classical music through my music then they go and listen to the original ones and get to appreciate them.

How about those people who say that your music is way too far from the original ones and that there is no point in comparison, what would you like to say to them?

I agree with them. I am not competing with those marvellous works of art as I know that my work will never get to the scale that they are. I am doing a tribute. This is my way of paying back to these classical masters for the beautiful music that they have offered to the world. No hate. Music is music.

Did you have any formal training? It seems that you have mastered the electric guitar.

I took a basic guitar lesson as part of our curriculum during my first year in high school. That was all I had. The rest of my guitar skills are attributed on online tutorials and my own practice. I play the guitar three to five hours a day. That’s about at least quarter of my waking hours.

I see your dedication. Is that the reason why you would just prefer to go to an online casino instead of going to an actual casino?

Basically, yes. I love the idea that I can just go to Online Casino Arabic, my favourite gaming site, and play my online roulette games on-demand.  The time spent on travelling would just be used in cuddling with my cats. Online gaming allows you to play on your couch, at your living room- no need to leave home on a winterish or hot day.

What advice would you like to share to the young people who would like to try new things in music?

Go on. Do what you love. Do not let boundaries, genres, musical norms and other rules get in the way. The most important thing is that you do what your heart desire. Success, wealth and popularity would just follow.