Rock House on Demand
Written by Curt   

The Rock House Method is a guitar and music resource created to enrich musicians and music lovers through a variety of effective products, tools, and communities.  

We're a big fan of The Rock House Method and their products.  That's why we're thrilled to mention a new way you can download Rock House products rather than purchase them in a store.  It's a HUGE step in the internet world.

We get the lowdown from
The Rock House Method's Editorial Director Curt Moye:

As many of you know Rock House Method launched a new service called ROCK HOUSE ON DEMAND. Executive Director of Rock House, Joe Palumbo announced that he wants to give every one an opportunity to experience this exciting new venture for Rock House.

Right now you can save $10 off the purchase of any Rock House product by using this code ROCK10OFF. We will also throw in an additional $5 coupon code for another purchase of a product from ROCK HOUSE ON DEMAND. The second savings coupon code will be included on your receipt after you make your purchase using the ROCK10OFF coupon code. You can share this code with all your friends who play, so go ahead and pass the ROCK10OFF coupon code around.

Unveiling of New Ibanez Models
Written by Lars   

Frankfurt's massive 2010 Musikmesse show witnessed the unveiling of the new Ibanez Steve Vai signature model. The Jem77FP2 features goodies galore, with a basswood body - with iconic Monkey Grip handle- covered with a unique patterned fabric displaying a stunning floral effect under a high gloss finish. The 77FP2 has a five piece Jem 'Prestige' maple/walnut neck and rosewood fingerboard inlaid with a floral design, whilst pickups are high output DiMarzio Evolution models.

JEM fans were also knocked out by Vai's multi-coloured limited edition Ibanez UV77RE. This 7-string beastie, like the 77FP2 has a basswood body, but with a five piece maple/bubinga tonewood neck construction and a rosewood fingerboard with 'disappearing pyramid' inlaid position markers. Housing seven-piece Dimarzio Blaze pickups, again in humbucker, single coil, humbucker configuration, expect the UV77RE to take no prisoners in the subtle department.

Few people are aware that Cort have been building guitars for over 50 years, now producing over a million a year, with a host of high profile endorsees. Latest in the line up includes non other than Matthias Jabs of the Scorpions, who after a short collaboration the Korean company has introduced two signaturemodels, and chose this year's show to launch the twin horned solid bodied electric guitars.

Who's Your #1 Guitar Hero?
Written by Ava   

I found a really great article the other day by DJ Mike Benhaim of in Edmonton, CA, who wrote about the "unsung guitar heroes" of our day.  With so much devotion going to music entertainment video games such as Rock Band, Guitar Hero, and Video Karaoke, these days we tend to forget the people who are doing the real thing!

He calls them: The "Real" Guitar Heroes! (Hey, sound familiar? Sort of like a particular Jemsite series, perhaps?) 

"But most of you know someone who knows someone that the rest of the world will never hear," he wrote, "On a recent trip to Las Vegas, I met a gentleman who, throughout the 60s, 70s and 80s played guitar at countless hotel lounges, conference centres and conference halls with big name stars of yesteryear like BB King and T-Bone Walker. I dedicate this post to the real "unsung" guitar soldier who has been on the front lines for years, Mr. Jesse "Huck" Daniels."

He went on to list some of the more well-known, yet overlooked guitar heroes of our day.  People like Bonnie Raitt, Robert Cray, Joe Satriani, and an eccentric entertainer listed at #1 that was the best we all could have hoped for. Meaning that when I saw that he was #1, it made perfect sense according to the purpose of the article, but I never would have thought of him as a "Guitar Hero" on his own.  He's known for other accolades. And that's what makes his reign at #1 that much more special.

The Steve McLeod Convo
Written by Ava   

The Ripple Effect, a blog that totes rock, metal, new age, jazz, folk and other kinds music and reviews great bands, were so moved by Steve McLeod's soulful tracks from his album Human Uniform, that they tracked him down in Australia while he was on tour to interview him! 

Intriguing questions followed.  Great, thought-provoking conversation ensued. They asked Steve about his musical epiphany moments in life (their own was Kiss's "Detroit Rock City" among other big-time hits), the songwriting process, what his intentions are to move his audience, the cohesiveness of his sound, his abilities to play all the instruments on his album, the business of music and more! I'm sad they didn't ask him more about his guitar playing skills! 

Here's a short snippet of the interview: 

Disorderly Conduct
Written by Ava   

Bobby Disorder isn't your average Guitar Hero.  Not the kind we're used to featuring on Jemsite, anyway.

And yet his humor, unconventional wisdom, and expertise in video games and music have made him an asset to the Audio Porn Central family. 

Audio Porn Central being the ultra sassy music blog dedicated to hot, juicy downloads, comments, and sounds. Don't let the name fool you. It's actually quite intense.  

And Bobby Disorder is actually quite witty. With a name like his, who wouldn't be? 

We had the chance to check out BD and his digs on the Audio Porn site and we liked what we saw so we had to get the goods first hand from him. First up on the list, what makes you think you're cool enough to be a Guitar Hero anyway.  

We liked what we got!

JEM Newbies
Written by Ava   

Better late then never, as they always say.  This little piece of cool guitar info may have come out at least a week ago but I'm only getting my hands on it now.  And of course, this being a JEM site, I HAD to share it with all of you. 

According to a little ditty I read on Guitar Site, Ibanez has come up with a left-handed JEM7VLWH and JS1200CAL.  For a cool $3999, you can get a JEM7VWHL with a White finish and great details like a 5pc Maple/Walnut JEM Prestige neck, Edge Pro bridge, Pearl/Abalone vine inlay, DiMarzio Evolution pickups and a trademark monkey grip.  For a nice $2999, the JS1200CAL has a candy apple finish, a Maple JS Prestige neck, Edget Pro bridge, and DiMarzio PAF-JOE and FRED pickups.

And for more on these benew LTD modelsauties , of course visit Guitar Site and  


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