Unveiling of New Ibanez Models
Written by Lars   

Frankfurt's massive 2010 Musikmesse show witnessed the unveiling of the new Ibanez Steve Vai signature model. The Jem77FP2 features goodies galore, with a basswood body - with iconic Monkey Grip handle- covered with a unique patterned fabric displaying a stunning floral effect under a high gloss finish. The 77FP2 has a five piece Jem 'Prestige' maple/walnut neck and rosewood fingerboard inlaid with a floral design, whilst pickups are high output DiMarzio Evolution models.

JEM fans were also knocked out by Vai's multi-coloured limited edition Ibanez UV77RE. This 7-string beastie, like the 77FP2 has a basswood body, but with a five piece maple/bubinga tonewood neck construction and a rosewood fingerboard with 'disappearing pyramid' inlaid position markers. Housing seven-piece Dimarzio Blaze pickups, again in humbucker, single coil, humbucker configuration, expect the UV77RE to take no prisoners in the subtle department.

Few people are aware that Cort have been building guitars for over 50 years, now producing over a million a year, with a host of high profile endorsees. Latest in the line up includes non other than Matthias Jabs of the Scorpions, who after a short collaboration the Korean company has introduced two signaturemodels, and chose this year's show to launch the twin horned solid bodied electric guitars.

The Garage 1 and Garage 2 include unique features designed by Matthias himself, including high-output Scorpu pickups installed on an angle to the strings, 2-way Full Force switch and easy grip push pull control, looking striking with the swamp ash body finished in satin Grey Titanium, with tanned maple neck and fingerboard.


Image 1: Matthias Jabs and Lars Mullen (l to r)

Image 2: Steve Vai display

Lars Mullen is a freelance writer and journalist who knows and loves guitars and music and has travelled extensively reporting on guitar shows around the world.  He is the founder of Now Hear This! Music Media Announcements.