Rambling Man
Written by Ava   
Tim's not a guitar player.  But please don't let that dissuade you from reading this piece, because you'll surely regret it.

That's because Tim knows what he's talking about when it comes to modern classical music, including the presence of guitars in this genre.  His musical influences include everything from Miles Davis to Monteverdi, but just as well, he's also a passionate classical music aficionado, a freelance writer and editor, and a blogger.  He's putting together a manuscript for the Concise Oxford Dictionary of Music and somehow manages to find time in his incredibly busy schedule to write for his blog, The Rambler, which he's had online since 2003.  

A guitar player, he's not, but he's surely a music expert.

Garage Hero
Written by Ava   

Garage bands from the 60s will always be in style! S  says Chris Bishop aka Chas Kit, creator of Garage Hangover, a funky blog devoted to showcasing bands and  providing all the goods on his favorite garage rock music from the 60s. He's so adamant about this fact, that not only has he created a blog dedicated to the ultra-specific music genre, but he's also dedicated to making the site the ultimate research center about 60s music scenes collecting archival materials like photos, records, news clippings, and more from the decade. Unfortunately, as any blogger who doesn't do it as any blogger with a full-time job knows, it isn't easy, and we sure wish he was doing his thing 24 hours a day, 7 days a week instead of when he gets home in the evenings!

We had the chance to talk to Chris about his favorite garage bands as well as how guitar has influenced the genre.  Read on to hear what this garage band expert has to say! 

What exactly is garage? How would you describe it?

Garage is a crude kind of rock music, usually with plenty of attitude. That sound originated with teenagers in the 60's. "Like the Stones but worse" is the best short definition I've ever seen. I don't take the term too seriously: on my site I cover both amateur and professional bands, some of whom never practiced in a garage and whose members often had years of experience playing.

DiddyWah's Mix
Written by Adam   

Howdy Jemsite visitors!

I'm a little foreign round these parts as I wouldn't personally know one end of a guitar from the other.

However, I am familiar with how they sound and I know what I like in that respect.

Here's a mix that I've put together especially for you all featuring some of the guitar heavy 45rpm records that I've chanced across recently.

Hope you enjoy it and if you do come check out my site, Diddy Wah.

First, listen to the entire mix here: Come_See_Me.mp3


Soul Searching
Written by Ava   

He's a soul man.

And where funk and soul records are concerned, Larry Grogan truly knows his stuff.  We're not talking records as in songs, we're talking records as in RECORDS. Vinyl records.

Besides that, Larry is a music writer who's written for magazines, e-zines, newspapers, and his latest creation, the Funky16Corners blog all about the coolest funk, jazz, and soul music from vinyl and MP3s.  He also knows the important influence of guitar to this genre and we're quite impressed. With a cool name and a cool vibe, it can't get any better then this!

He sure lays it on thick and we, at Jemsite, are loving it!

How did you form an interest in funk and soul vinyl? 

It followed my general interest in record collecting – which dates back to my early teens – and my developing a taste for, and interest in soul music. Though I always collected soul 45s casually, I didn’t start to seek out funk 45s in earnest until the late 90s. Prior to that I wasn’t really aware that it existed to that extent.

A Dose of Jeff
Written by Ava   

It's time to take your music medicine! 

Jeff Giles, creator of the hip pop culture news e-zine Popdose, has kindly offered to put aside his plans for world domination in order to talk to us about the music aspect of his well-recognized site.  Jeff certainly has the chops for it.  A music critic for various publications since 1987, he also ran a record label, released his own music, and promoted concerts.  Better yet, his first blog prior to Popdose was one of the first MP3 music blogs of its kind back in 2004.  

And for someone who doesn't play guitar himself, he knows an awful lot about it! We talked to Jeff about his present plans, the site, and the currents state of guitar and music.

Third Time's The Charm
Written by Vincent   
Hello, kiddies.

Time for my third tour... I sure hope I haven't worn out my welcome :)

This time around, I want to invite you to join us at the table for another piping hot plate of guitar chops... I've widened the scope just a bit more, including some garage and library type flavours along with the regular staples. Dig in!

01 Introspeak/Yadig? (excerpt)-James Gang
02 All Blues-The Soulful Strings
03 Psychodale-Alan Moorehouse
04 You Got Me Mama-Hayes Ware
05 Jumpin' Jimmy-Jimmy Reed
06 Hard Time-The Tremeloes
07 Fleetwood Mac-Fleetwood Mac
08 Who's Gonna Buy-The Lemon Drops
09 Time For A Change-Mel Brown
10 Little Mama-Luis Gasca

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