Five Perfect Rock Songs
Written by John   

John Dupuis may be the head of the Steacie Science & Engineering Library at York University and run a popular blog called Confessions of a Science Librarian--but he sure knows his rock music! After noticing a slew of music mixes on his site, I asked him to come up with a rock music list for Jemsite.  Here's the amazing compilation he brought us.--Ava

You know how some rock songs just get the old juices flowing? The beat, the chorus, the riff & solos, the lyrics -- all just perfect. Taken together, the song epitomizes what rock and roll is all about. Of course, we all have different sets of these perfect songs, some of us will only have one or two we give that exhalted status, some will have a whole set's worth. Another thing that's really going to play into it is our age. I'm 46, so the age when I really got into popular music (mid-to-late teens) is what really imprinted on me -- the late 1970's and early 1980's and what was playing on rock radio in that era.

So, here goes: Five perfect rock songs:

  • Hollywood Nights by Bob Seger. In my books, this is the ultimate slice of rock 'n roll goodness. Enjoy!
  • Tumbling Dice by The Rolling Stones. By far my favourite Stones song. By the way, I really love this version by Linda Ronstadt!
  • Who Are You by The Who. The Who are my absolute all time favourite band, so for me picking just one song is pretty hard. But, this is it. And you've got to admit, "Woke up in a Soho doorway/ A policeman knew my name" is a great way to open up. And while you're at YouTube, watch the other songs the band did for The Concert for New York.
  • Sledgehammer by Peter Gabriel. Classic, Peter Gabriel is another one where I could have picked three or four other equally great songs. BTW, this one is amazing to see in concert if you ever get a chance.
  • You Shook Me all Night Long by AC/DC. There are about 10 AC/DC songs that I could just as easily picked for this list, but today it's this one. BTW, not for the faint of heart, but Celine Dion's cover version is worth checking out for the fright factor if nothing else. Ugh.

If you liked this list, check out the ones I've done on my other blog here and here.

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