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Polls (circa 1998)


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What is your favorite Steve Vai album?


What is your opinion of "Customizing" JEM or UVs?

3 The Ibanez Universe should have originally had these features?
4 For the next Steve Vai album I would prefer the songs to be:

Would you considering buying one of these guitars in the future?

6 What is your overall opinion of the Korean made JEM555?
7 What is your overall opinion on the recent stream of "Anniversary" model Ibanez guitars?
8 If Ibanez were to release one new JEM in 1999, what new (or recently unavailable) feature do you prefer
9 What are your thoughts on Flexable Leftovers?
10 Do you think Ibanez should open a "Custom Shop" to build custom built guitars for the public at large who can afford them?
11 With the introduction of the JEM7DBK in '99 at a lower price point, should Ibanez abandon the JEM555?
12 What is your interest in the 1999 JEM7DBK in regard to purchasing new (street price around $925)?
13 What is your opinion of the pricing of JEM & UV guitars in the Used market relative to new guitars:
14 What is your interest in a possible 10th Anniversary Universe release for 2000, featuring MultiColor paint and all-access-neck from Ibanez?
15 What is your favorite Ibanez JEM/UV DiMarzio pickup?
16 Are you interested in a G3 Tour '99 with Vai/Satch ?
17 Where would you like to see Jemfest 2000 held?
18 Which Ibanez guitar will Kirk buy next week?
19 What is your suggestion to Ibanez regarding a future JEM Floral Pattern with All Access Neck?
20 It's been out for 3 weeks, time to rate the Ultra Zone CD!


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