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The Ibanez AEG20E is an acoustic-electric guitar with a slim neck, feedback-resistant body, warm resonant tones, and a gorgeous flamed sycamore top that make it a fine live-performance guitar. Making the AEG20E even more live-performance-friendly are the Ibanez guitar's onboard chromatic tuner and balanced 1/4" and XLR outputs. - - The beautifully inlaid headstock and rosette add flash that'll really register under stage lights. The Ibanez AEG20E is a sweet guitar to look at and to listen to with a price that belies its refinement.

Price: $185 to $185 at 2 stores
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Great beater acoustic-electric. featured

Sound I've been needing an acoustic for some tunes my band does and haven looked a lot of acoustics of the last 6 months. I mainly play electrics, and didn't want to break the bank on a high end acoustic that I would only use for a couple of songs once or twice a month.

Unplugged the guitar will not blow you away or anything tone-wise. It is a sub $500 acoustic with a very small, thin body. Tone is not exactly deep or bright. It sound very even string to string, well balanced tone-wise, but nothing spectacular. It is acceptable, decent, not amazing.

Plugged in, the guitar really shines. The active electronics really make it come alive, and you can EQ the tone to whatever suits your tastes. All the standard features are there, phase switch, three band eq, tuner and "shape" control. The shape control seems to alter the basic overall tone of the entire guitar, you can make very boomy and deep, moderate, or small sounding. The electronics really compliment the Fishman pickup.

When this guitar is plugged in with a little reverb, chorus and compression it sounds as professional as any expensive guitar in a live setting.

Worth mentioning as well is that it features dual outputs. 1/4 inch and XLR. Your soundman will love you.

Action, Fit, & Finish Mine was purchased used, however Ibanez has reputation for for easy playing electric guitars, and they follow through with this acoustic as well. The neck is fairly thin for an acoustic, a very nice width (for my hand) and plays as much like butter as an acoustic guitar will. Not a single dead spot or buzz. Very impressed for a cheap guitar.

Reliability & Durability It seems like it is solid enough to withstand all but outright abuse. I'm not worried about it.

Customer Support Have not dealt with.

Liked about it It sounds great plugged in and amplified. The pickup and pre-amp really work well together.
Plays like butter.
Looks great.
Can be had for a little of $250.

Didn't like Overall acoustic (unplugged) tone is lack-luster.
Cheap gold plated tuners.
Plastic nut.

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By blackspy
Sep 28, 2010
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Price: $185 to $185
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