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Greg Bennett Designed Samick OM 8 CE

Solid cedar top - Rosewood back and sides - Slotted square fret markers - Abalone trimmed binding - Gold Grover tuners - Orchestra model cutaway - Acoustic/electric with Clearwave 50 EQ, by Fishman

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Better than expected featured

Sound I was in the market for an accoustic electric with traditional looks, something better than entry level but I wasn't willing to spend the money for a Taylor, Martin, etc. I found this Samick, I'd never heard of them before, in my local shop and fell in love with it. The cedar top has a distinctively warm tone compared to Spruce. It's got all the articulate tones of the spruce without being overly bright, to my ears. I also loved the way harmonics jumped out of it and the guitar overall, resonates extremely well. It easily outdid similarly priced offerings from Ibanez and Epiphone. I felt like the onboard preamp, while not spectacular, allowed for a fair amount of tonal control. Most of the time I use this accoustically, but when paired with an accoustic amp, it goes from warm and mellow to bright and articulate by adjusting the 3 band EQ and presence. Battery life is also good.

Action, Fit, & Finish Pretty good for the price. There's some little things that don't line up quite perfectly from an aethsetic perspective but the action and fit have been fine. It's very classy looking with the abalone trim binding and the perloid pick guard. The cedar also gives it a darker, distinguished look that goes very well with the rosewood and mohagany. The gold tuners and lettering on the headstock bely it's $290 price.

Reliability & Durability This has held up well. I used to play on the streets with it fairly regualarly and it's been bumped around. Still going strong. I've had it for 4 years now and the bridge is still solidly glued down with no bracing problems. I keep it in it's case when not playing so that temperature and humidity changes are buffered to some degree. The electronics still work fine so I give it great marks all around.

Customer Support I've never had to deal with them, but I did some research before buying. Samick is a Korean company that has made many of the Korean models over the years for Fender, Gibson/Epiphone, etc. They also do their own guitars and while usually geared towards budget models, they produced a gem with this accoustic electric.

Liked about it 1. I could not find another solid top accoustic for under $300.
2. Classy looks with abalone and gold trim while maintaining a traditionl accoustic look.
3. Great resonance and harmonics.

Didn't like 1. Only a 1/4" output, no balanced out.
2. Output jack is also the strap button.

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By smooth55
Aug 20, 2009
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