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Takamine EG523SC Featured

6 String Jumbo Acoustic-Electric Guitar. The Takamine EG523SC Acoustic-Electric Guitar has outstanding sound by itself or plugged in. The jumbo body style provides cool profile and comfortable playing with a huge solid spruce soundboard for big volume and titanic tone. Glowing, gorgeous flamed maple back and sides plus an abalone rosette make it flash in the stage...

Price: $93 to $434 at 6 stores
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Great guitar for the price! featured

Sound I love this guitar. I had a Johnson brand and I gave that away. This guitar sounded very bright with the strings I used (Elixir). I just mostly play a lot of open chords on there. Not sure of any style, but it has came through. I plugged this into a Roland Cube 60 and it sounded beautiful.

Action, Fit, & Finish I purchased my guitar used, but it was pretty much new. I went to our local guitar store and some guy bought it, played it for a month or so and brought it back to trade for an amp (he had money to blow). Our store sold this to me for $350 and there were no dents, scratches, or anything. It came to me in perfect condition and sounds just like it.

Reliability & Durability So far, I haven't played live with this, but I'm about to record with it. I tend to forget about the battery in there when I'm tuning and it just turns off. As far as durability goes...well, I have a 1 1/2 year old and I came home one day and he was playing with it. he would push it across the carpet. That wasn't so bad, but then I would have it in here and he would push it down. I hate that sound and I panic everytime I hear it (I forget to put it up), but there is nothing wrong with it. This thing had a few dents in it now, but nothing serious. Looks and works great still!

Customer Support Haven't had to call yet.

Liked about it 1. I love the tone/sound.
2. The tuner is amazingly accurate.
3. Stringing this guitar is very, very easy.
4. The electronics are very diverse for adjusting the tone while plugged in.

Didn't like Only thing I would like ot see would be some kind of easy to see notification for a dying battery or some battery life reader.

Overall satisfaction:

By boyd
May 11, 2010
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Price: $93 to $434
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at 6 stores

A big, big jumbo featured

Sound I play a lot of things, I switch from pop-rock to metal, as I already said, so I needed a good acoustic guitar, mostly for strumming, and a bit of fingerpicking from time to time. It has a spruce top and flamed maple back and sides, maple neck and rosewood fingerboard. when strumming, it gives back a very rich sound, more pronounced on low frequency than mid or high, good for full chords. In fingerpicking the bass-pronounced sound doesn't help the high strings to stand up, but as I said, it's not a problem for me, I mainly use it for strumming. Keep that in mind when buying. The Pre-Amp is th Takamine TK-40, nothing exceptional but it does its work. When plugged in the electric sound has decent fidelity with the acoustic sound, but you'll have to work on the eq a bit. I use Martin 0.11 gauge strings.

Action, Fit, & Finish the guitar was setup properly. It just needed a bit of truss rod adjustment. other than that, nothing to mention. Action is great, tuners do their work fine, I never had problems with it.

Reliability & Durability It's a reliable guitar and I haven't encountered any problems with it.

Customer Support I've never dealt with the company.

Liked about it - Great sound when strumming, and Decent sound when fingerpicking
- Quality compared to the price is great. Keep in mind that this is not a 2000$ guitar, but it's outstanding in its category of price for sure.
- the look of this guitar is beautiful, there's great attention in details. the rosette, the binding, the inlays, all great.

Didn't like - the body is not so comfortable, but, if you want a jumbo, that's it.
- the PA could be better.
- nothing more

Overall satisfaction:

By BeboRock91
Oct 13, 2009
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Price: $93 to $434
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at 6 stores

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