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Martin M140PK3 80/20 Bronze 3 Pack 0.012 - 0.054

Martin acoustic guitar strings, 3 pack, 80/20 Bronze, light 0.012 - 0.054. Bonus t-shirt.

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Three with a free tee! featured

Comments I have an Ibanez Performance steel string acoustic and I needed some new strings (obvously!). I was recommended these strings by several different people with differing styles and tastes. You also get a free t-shirt!

These sets have a wound G string. Sound wise they give my Ibanez, which is by no means a top of the range acoustic, a really good tone. Very even, not overly trebely or too dark. The sound has some "snap" and "growl" (for want of better descriptions...)when played aggressively and yet clean up beaytifully when finger picked or strummed lightly.

I play mainly classic rock type stuff, like KISS MTV Unplugged, Metallica "ballads", certain Pink Floyd, power ballads as well as songs like Heaven's Door the like.

The strings seem to have enough aggression to ensure the "rock" comes out in these songs and when I do occassionaly play more lighter stuff they have a great tone for that, obviously not in nylon territory but they can get quite classical!

Value wise, the 3 pack works out at roughly buy 2 get one free. Also the free 75th anniversay tee is always good! I have not had them on for long, around 6 weeks, but the still have the new string sound and feel.

I live in the tropics so corrosion resistance was a high priority in my choice. Some other brands claim that their coatings protect the strings but by all accounts the coating quickly wears off and they dont last that long. I have been assured by others in the tropics that the Martins last as long as or longer than most brands.

In general I am very impressed with these strings, they seem to open up the guitar a lot more than my last brand but that could also be my maturing taste!

Liked about it Value for money. (+ Free tee!!hahaha)
Tones. Covers what I want to play.
3 pack. I live remote so helps to "stock up"

Didn't like Strings are a little "rough" ie causes that noise when moving fingers. Probably more a technique issue....

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Feb 09, 2010
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