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D'Addario EJ48 Pro-Arte 80/20 Hard Classical Guitar Strings Featured

Find D'addario Classical Pro-arte 80/20 Bronze Hard Ej48 on eBay in the category Musical Instruments>Guitar>Parts & Accessories>Strings>Acoustic for $5.84.

Price: $3 to $46 at 10 stores
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D'Addario redeem themselves regarding classical gu featured

Comments When it comes to acoustic guitars I prefer the tones of a classical guitar over a steel string guitar. Whilst they don't sustain as well as a steel string guitar, I think they make up for this with their great warm, full tone.

I teach guitar as well, so I play my classical guitar a fair bit, and I want strings that last well, and retain their tone. Decent classical guitar strings can be pretty pricey though.

I've used the baseline D'Addario classical guitar strings in the past, and were left with a rather bad taste in my mouth. Not only did they have quite average tone, they also wore out far too quickly, leaving you with nasty sounding and feeling strings that were prone to breaks within a few weeks.

As you can imagine I was a little hesitant when I was recommended the Pro Artes by a sales person at my local music store. The guys working there do look after me though, and usually know what they are talking about. I trusted them with this recommendation, and lets just say I was quite happy with the strings.

I've had them on my guitar for at least a month now, and they still have a wonderful, strong bright and full tone, just like the day I installed them. Sure they were a little more expensive than the bottom line D'Addarios, but not by much. They are cheaper than a couple of other brands I have tried which have been comparable in tone and quality.

Once completely stretched the Pro Artes stay pretty much in tune. I think the main problem with my strings going a little out of tune when the guitar is sitting for a while has more to do with the machine heads on my guitar, than with the quality of the strings though.

The Pro Artes provide your classical guitar with pretty decent sustain too. They are quite flexible for a hard tension classical guitar string, making string bends and strong vibrato fairly easy, considering classical guitar typically aren't too good for that sort of playing.

I can definitely recommend the D'Addario Pro Arte strings to classical guitar players. They are a hard wearing string, with great tone at a cheap price. Don't bother with the cheaper D'Addarios, the dollar savings will not be worth it when you need to replace the strings after only a short while.

Liked about it Fantastic tone that is still strong after extensive playing
* Quality at a great price
* Quite good sustain for a classical guitar, and nice bright, cutting tone

Didn't like They take a while to stretch, but this is pretty normal for classical guitar strings

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By LonePhantom
Oct 26, 2009
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Price: $3 to $46
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