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Dean Markley 2005A VintageBronze TLT Acoustic Guitar Strings

Gauges 11-15-24-32-42-52.The first and still the finest - Dean Markley VintageBronze Acoustic Guitar Strings now sport tarnish-resistant individual envelopes and environmentally friendly packaging. VintageBronze strings give you clarity, tone, and ...

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Great Strings

Comments I use these when I need a bit more pronounced brashness, otherwise I use a silk and steel. 11's allow for easier playing and yet don't give up any sound! Dean Markley always make a superior product as far as I'm concerned and this series of strings is no exception. Not surprisingly they last far longer than other strings, when it comes to sound quality...

Liked about it 1) Long life
2) Great sound
3) Regularly priced

Didn't like 1) I would like this company to start offering a coated string. If they did that their strings would last forever! :o)

Overall satisfaction:

Aug 18, 2009
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Price: $0 to $4
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