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Dean Markley 2032 Blue Steel Cryogenic XL Acoustic Guitar Strings Featured

Musical Instruments

Price: $0 to $37 at 15 stores
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Your in for a treat!

Comments You'll be very surprised with these, I know i was! Once you properly setup and adjust the strings on your guitar you can rock and roll; play some blues and funk with exceptional tone and bendable action! I play out of a Fender Acoustic/Electric and the sound these strings give off is almost breath taking! You can strum across full chords and hear every note or you can deliever brilliant single notes with perfect clearity! They're emotional, Crisp and Clear with excellent tone...That lasts for about 2 weeks! Then the re-stringing process begins!

Liked about it These strings are amazing! They're clear, crisp and dramatic with great tone! They bend quite well and they really do make your guitar sound like an instrument! If you plan on playing at a show or recording a song then go BUY these strings!

Didn't like If you dont like to re-string every 2 weeks then you might want to go with other strings! They lose there cripsyness and volume in about 2 weeks time of playing! You can better appreciate the beauty and sound of these strings with more of its larger, heavy gauges.

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By Weezel
Feb 02, 2010
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Price: $0 to $37
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