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Martin MSP3200 SP Bronze Medium Acoustic Guitar Strings Featured

Musical Instruments

Price: $0 to $8 at 3 stores
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Wonderful and toneful strings for studio or performance! featured

Comments These Martin strings are a step above the standard 80/20 bronze strings, being coated with an extra layer of bronze on the G-B-E strings for an extra smooth brightness and crisp response! Their tone is brighter and louder than a standard bronze string; perfect for projecting at an acoustic show or recording in the studio. The tonality is full and spectacular and lets the natural tones of the guitar and its wood really sing out without sounding too "chiming" or "metallic". The extra layer of coating also improves durability over regular strings without giving you the weird feeling of the expensive coated strings.

Liked about it 1) Improved tone over regular bronze strings
2) Cool looking extra bronze coating
3) Increased durability

Didn't like 1) A little more expensive than regular bronze strings
2) Still not as good sounding as Phosphor Bronze (IMHO)
3) Packaged in paper

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By SonicProvocateur
Dec 08, 2009
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Price: $0 to $8
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