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Martin MSP4050 SP Phosphor Bronze Custom Light Acoustic Guitar Strings...

Martin SP Studio/Performance Series strings are ideal live, in the studio, or wherever maximum string life is desired. The creation of these new high performance strings is a result of research done in cooperation with specialty steel producers. Due...

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Well balanced strings!

Comments I change my acoustic stings about as often as the lunar eclipse occurs, which is the exact opposite of my electrics, which see a restring about every 2 weeks or so, depending. At any rate, I stopped in to my local GC and went hunting for some nice bronze strings, a couple brands were on sale, but the rep claimed to be an acoustic player mainly and he really liked the Martin Phosphor Bronze strings, so I told him I wanted a set in a lighter gauge like 11's and he dropped em in the bag and home I went.

Liked about it Obviously any new string is going to be brighter in color and tone than some 2 year old strings, which I had on my Alvarez Acoustic, but as long as I've had the guitar, I never heard it sound so nice, they really brought it to life. The balance between gauges suits my playing style, well, from top to bottom.
The timbre of the strings is perfect for the cedar body. Aside from that, they're strings, and to some degree made very much alike, but the materials and QC help make for a nice product.

Didn't like I've tried coated strings to eliminate the string noise from hand movement, and never been happy with the tone, the noise is typical of any other wound/ non-wrapped string, but no worse, either. The one other thing that I found which neither makes me love or hate them, is the packaging, they double up on strings, so the low E and G are together and the only have 3 envelopes as opposed to 6, which may be a "greener" way to package strings. By cutting down by 50% on packing materials, I'm sure in the long run it has some positive affect.

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By bammbamm
Aug 04, 2009
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