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Red Strings Copper Bronze Acoustic Guitar Strings - Light Featured

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Price: $5 to $81 at 11 stores
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They do what they say they do.

Comments They add lows. I was skeptical, but they definitely add low end. I threw a set on my Taylor 414ce Tasmanian Ltd and they noticeably expanded the bass response.

Liked about it Very full sounding with strong low mids and a nice bass rumble. Neat looking strings, too. Reddish/coppery color that stands out. They don't have a standout feel, one way or the other, so I guess that's good. I'm seeing that Martin players are loving these strings. If you're looking for a boomy, woofy sound with a lot of bass, not much treble and a quick decay, these are for you.

Didn't like While they added a lot of bass to my Taylor, they also seemed to suck all the highs out, which shocked me. I then put a set of them on an Ibanez EW20ASENT we have in stock and it seemed to wake that guitar up. I've saved the worst for last: The one really big drawback with these strings is that since they have such a high copper content, they tarnish and go dead very quickly, and being that they're so bassy already, once they do go bad the whole guitar sounds dead as a doornail. For the price, that can be hard to swallow. I really didn't like them on my Taylor, and was impressed with them on the Ibanez until they went dead not even a week later.

All that said, they're a purpose-built string that will probably work wonders on some guitars, but they definitely aren't the ultimate string for every guitar. For that reason, I'm giving them an average rating.

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By Eddie B
Mar 23, 2010
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Price: $5 to $81
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