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Eko Ranger 6 Acoustic Guitar Featured

6 String Acoustic Guitar Kit

Price: $64 to $175 at 6 stores
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Hard work for a beginner

Sound So I had to make a present for a birthday and I decided to buy a guitar kit. I spent about 80 euros so obviously it is a fairly poor instrument. The sound compared to the price isn't too bad, it has not the definition, deepness, or quality of my Takamine, but it is not that bad for a beginner kit guitar. let's say that it is fair.

Action, Fit, & Finish now the bad point. the neck needed great adjustments, fret polishing and truss-rod regolation, the strings buzzed at the 9th-10th fret and the frets were poorly refined, which is quite normal for this price range. I've done all by myself, but considering that this guitar is targeted to beginners, these could not be simple operations to do, and they may require a visit from a luthier, which could cost great part of the guitar value itself. the finish is poor, and the interior is a bit raw, but that's in line with its range.

Reliability & Durability /

Customer Support I've never dealt with the company

Liked about it -economic
-quite in line with the price range (except neck and fretboard)
-tuning stability

Didn't like -neck and fretboard refining
nothing more, but I have to rate it 2, because that's quite an important issue

Overall satisfaction:

By BeboRock91
Jan 31, 2010
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Price: $64 to $175
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at 6 stores

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