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Washburn RO10 Steel String Travel Guitar

Now you can easily take your guitar with you anywhere. Play the Rover any place or time. Now you can easily take your guitar with you anywhere. The high-quality RO10 steel string guitar is built with a Solid Spruce top, a Mahogany neck and body, Rosewood fingerboard, and quality geared tuners. The package comes complete with case, instructional CD ROM, strap, and 3...

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Washburn RO10 Travel guitar, not to shabby, not to featured

Sound As you would expect from an acoustic guitar that is missing a large part of the air chamber, the sound is not fantastic. But as a travel guitar, it does the job. Tune the guitar and make sure your in a quite room, and you can get some seriously nice sounds out of it. In order to get a descent sound, you really need to play it for a few days to a few weeks in order to adjust your playing style, so you can squeeze out a better sound. Buy the optional pickup for it, and you can really tweak a good ampliphied sound.

Action, Fit, & Finish Action is a little high, but out of the box was playable, and workmanship is fantastic considering its a travel guitar. It came with a guitar strap and for some reason I couldn't figure out a place to tie the strap to on the headstock, so I ended up using a machine head, which wasn't great cause it kept pulling it out of tune.

Reliability & Durability Reliability is great, it comes with a very tough carry bag, which is the exact fit for any airline overhead compartment. I used this guitar for 6 months whilst living in Hong Kong, and as I needed to travel around on the subway and buses, there were many busy days with many people to deal with to and from my students. Being able to put the guitar in its case, connect the dual carry straps it comes with allowed me to carry the guitar like a backpack. It got knocked around, loaded and unloaded onto buses, planes and ferries, and the guitar never got damaged and hardly out of tune. Reliable and easily the best choice for what I needed.

Customer Support Never had any issues, but I did email washburn directly to help me find a washburn distributor in Hong Kong and they got back to me within a day, which was fantastic..

Liked about it Small in size, well built and the hard case carry bag was a life saver on traveling etc.. Price was also good considering other brands were alot more and their quality was not comparable, nor did they come in a hard carry bag.

Didn't like No where to clip the strap on the headstock was annoying and because it is near impossible to play with out a strap, its a big flaw, which can be easily fixed by drilling a small holl on the back of the neck and fix a hook type thing on it.

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By IbanezFreak777
Nov 04, 2009
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Price: $103 to $103
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