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Yamaha FGX730 SC

Yamaha 6 string acoustic-electric with pr-amp and onboard tuner

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Unbelievable buy for this price! featured

Sound I play this acoustic electric doing direct into a small PA head, with built in effects. I use just a touch of reverb, and this guitar out performs guitars well over it's price range. I had been shopping for an acoustic for a few months and had played just about everything out there under $2000. Then I checked some forums to see what other acoustic players were saying, and I kept getting lead back to this Yamaha fgx730. The sound is rich, and full, bright but not thin sounding. I use D'Addario Phosphor Bronze strings on the one I ended up buying. It had a real nice 3 bad eq in the preamp with and adjustable mid, and a built in tuner which comes in handy. I would easily price this guitar at 2-3 times the price. Street price is around $500 US, which is a joke for an acoustic that sounds this good. You an buy a lower end Taylor or Martin and not get half the guitar you can get here. The final thing that sold me on it was I was playing a 30 year old Guild 12 sting acoustic while my friend was playing his FGX730 and I serously loved the tone coming out of his guitar. Within a month after that I bought mine.

Action, Fit, & Finish I bought this guitar as blemished but new. The setup was very good, I would not say perfect, but I immediately through on some new different gauge strings so I really need to take it to a luthier. With that being said, I am very happy with the action as is, but I tend to like my action a bit high. I would suggest anyone changing gauges on a new guitar to get it adjusted properly by a luthier. Even when buying mine blemished, this guitar is gorgeous. I got a sunburst finish and a friend has the natural finish, with are great looking gutars with attention to detail fro the Abalone inlay on the headstock to the beautiful work around the sound hole.

Reliability & Durability I hate to gig without a backup but I will. playing acousic gigs you usually don;t have a heck of a lot of room to keep extra cases around, and I feel real good about the name Yamaha and their reliability. The finish seems to hold up real nice, not thin at all.

Customer Support have never had to deal with Yamaha

Liked about it 1 The most important - sound is great out this, and with e 3 band eq you have options
2 Feel of this guitar is very nice, just felt comfortable from the first time i played it, nice neck
3 Price - This guitar is worth well over it's list price

Didn't like Action is a bit high, but it is an acoustic and I like my action a bit higher than most, so while this is perfect for me, it might be high for someone else. I did not get this guitar setup yet by a luthier.

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By torgeot
Jan 19, 2010
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