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Chord Chemistry is a book that helps you build your chord knowledge by showing the chord variations -

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Chord Chemistry, because not all science has to be featured

Comments I read in an interview with Steve Vai once that he reccommended a book called "Chord Chemistry" to get players into using more chords and expanding their musical repertoire. I immediately jumped on google and located the book. I realise now that there is an older version, which may have been the actual one, but I have to say that this didn't disappoint.

Chord Chemistry takes you through some basics of chord theory, and then on into the world of chord variations: from basic C, G, A, D, E progressions onto "slash" chords, dominant 7ths and sus and add chords. It also puts these chords into the context of various styles, including funk and acoustic; although don't expect to become proficient in any one style just from the examples in these 60 or so pages.

The book is clearly laid out and written in an easy to follow way. The subject is approached in a very applied way. Not only does it explain the underlying theory but it also suggests how you might use it. The different "feelings" that different chord variations induce are central to this and they are explained as well as I have seem them anywhere.

I keep this book to hand at all times and it has even helped me when writing songs to add a bit more interest to the progressions. What I really like is that it isn't asking you to "learn these 50 chords" or "practice these 150 scales". It says here is the theory, here are a couple of useful examples, now go away and have fun with it.

This is not the first book on chords that you should buy as a begginner, but it is probably the second!

Oh and there is a backing CD :)

Liked about it Easy to follow
Quite a lot of info
Very well laid out

Didn't like Not an immediate begginners book as you probably need to be confident with chord changes to get the best out of this, which is a shame as we all should have been learning this from the start!
Not the original work, although to be fair I haven't read that so I can't compare.

Overall satisfaction:

By nickcoumbe
Oct 20, 2009
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Price: $10 to $18
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