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Classical Guitar of Bach- Concert Masterworks Arranged by Joseph Harri...

Features 24 beloved selections from Bach, arranged for classical guitar with tablature. Includes an explanation of ornaments used in the book, historical notes, performance suggestions, and a glossary of terms.

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The Classical Works of Bach Simplified

Comments The book starts off with a few simple explanations about how the sheet music appears and how it's played. It has a glossary of 11 types of songs such as a "Gigue" or a "Minuet". It has tabs that make it easier to understand the placement of the hands instead of undergoing the tedious task of figuring it out yourself with sheet music.

I used this book to help me read music and add classical guitar songs to my repertoire. Having never played finger style before, it was intimidating at first. The first few songs are only 40 measures long and it becomes easier to learn another song after one is mastered. This book is also good for piano and guitar.

It features a few of my favorites from Bach such as "Bouree BWV 996" (played by Kyle Gass in the Pick of Destiny), the Minuet in G Major, and the universally famous Chorale: "Jesu, Joy of a Man's Desiring" (often played at weddings).

If you buy this book, become familiar with the songs first or they will be much harder to learn without a reference. Once I got "Segovia Plays Bach" it was easier to learn each song once I recognized them. A metronome is of key importance when learning these songs because I had a tendency of rushing through them.

Liked about it +The tablature and explanations
+The number of songs is enough to keep you busy
+Many of Bach's best pieces are in this book

Didn't like +The cover is pretty bland
+There are other Bach songs I am interested in learning that aren't included
+No CD

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By psychokannibal
Mar 21, 2011
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