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Eric Johnson: The Fine Art of Guitar

Here is the follow-up to Eric's classic instructional DVD Total Electric Guitar. Building on that DVD, Eric goes on to show you: tempered tuning, pick and finger techniques, his famous Koto technique, slide guitar, volume swells for lead and slide plus a host of technical tips including multi-amp setup, action and string tension adjustments. The DVD also includes...

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Dramatically Improve Your Tone

Comments This video helped me improve my tone in short order after only one view, and then some after continued use. The first concept that is key is his style of tuning. He tunes the guitar from the center out starting with the G, like a piano (which is another instrument that he is very accomplished in). He also uses a Jim Dunlop Jazz III, which produces a very clean sound and a little more control over the pick with no extra material so you don't feel like you're playing guitar with a nacho chip. These two things alone will make a difference in your tone and playing.

Picking: The other concepts he discusses are using different types of picking. One of his famous techniques is using a lot of attack for a razor sharp accented sound, that allows each note to sound powerful and clean. He uses what is often reffered to as "hybrid picking" where his uses his other three fingers to play passages involving counter-point or more complex chords not accomidated by a conventional picking style. The sound texture is a little warmer, and this technique can add a new dimension to your playing. Although, I'd suggest studying a supplementry book on music theory or classical guitar to find out more possible applications of this technique. He uses another note choking technique, which I don't use, but you might. He uses it in a fun little piece called "Steve's Boogie".

Fretting: This technique is key and just pure common sense. Hitting the notes properly with the fretting hand or finding the "sweet spot" will improve your sound greatly. Palm muting/dampening, also pretty common sense, is good for playing clean passages. He elaborates by adding individual finger dampening. It gives you the freedom to use your fretting hand in a way to hit the "sweet spots" on the fretboard.

Chords: Another key technique that will open you up to a new realm is a chord technique that is common place in classical, but not rock. It's the use of melodies within a given chord that would typically be accomidated by a second guitar, but in a three piece act (like Jimi Hendrix) it's an important technique for a complete musical experience. Supplements on basic counter-point will help you with this. (Ex: Johan Fux's- Gradus Ad Parnassum)

There's more material such as the volume swells, the koto technique, and performance clips. While I didn't go over everything, these techniques helped me most in my particular style. Eric Johnson has had years of real teaching experience, so his overall teaching style and in depth explanations reflect that.

Get this DVD! You'll definitely benefit.

Liked about it +In depth and complete explanations
+Full of variety of techniques that improve tone
+The performance clips

Didn't like +The cover is land and doesn't properly embellish the content that the DVD contains. Hot Licks should really consider reissuing the DVD with a new cover. Apart from that, it's an amazing product!

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By psychokannibal
Jun 23, 2011
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