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George Lynch Guitar Bible

George Lynch's very first instructional video. This video is a MUST for those aspiring to add some of Mr. Scary's licks to their arsenal! George shows us his trademark techniques and a jam of Voodoo Chile and a kick-butt studio live version of Mr. Scary. This video also comes with a companion booklet.

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If you want to play like Lynch, this video is for you!

Comments As my favorite guitarist ever, I was thrilled to pick this up when it came out in the early 90s. Besides George showing us how to play some of his signature licks, he rips some great tunes in-between the lessons. Voodoo Chile was geat, but watching him play Mr. Scary UP CLOSE is pure shred heaven.

Liked about it What's not to like? It's George Lynch! Really, this video has some nice licks, but I think Mr. Scary shines the most. I love being able to watch George demonstrate his trademark licks. I liked the onscreen fretboards to follow along with.

Didn't like I wish George would have included more of his trademark solos. Other than that, this video is awesome.

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By AlaskaBat
May 20, 2010
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