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Speed Kills (1991) by Michael Angelo Batio

Michael Angelo Batio created the original Speed Kills DVD to be the ultimate guitar lesson on speed picking technique. This instructional video is legendary for its ability to raise a guitarist's skills to the next level and beyond. With Speed Kills you're learning from the fastest guitarist on the planet. Don't take our word for it. Guitar One Magazine chose Michael...

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Lives Up to It's Reputation!

Comments They called this DVD "The Shredders Bible" for a reason. I picked it up a few years ago with a full package of Metal Method DVDs. It's been revised with a 2010 version, which I have not had the chance to see yet, but the original is still relevant and useful.

Michael Angelo starts off with a variation of his masterpiece "No Boundaries", which in my opinion is his best song. He says at the beginning "I will teach you the art of playing lightning fast...I'm going to give you the keys to the Lamborghini". He's not exaggerating, but it's not exactly the easiest feat to accomplish.

The keys he's referring to are consistency in the picking hand and precision in the fretting hand. The most important thing in this entire video is the Potential Picking Speed tremelo or PPS. This little snippet of information alone will improve your playing if you implement it properly. If you do not do this, you won't be playing at blazing high speeds anytime soon.

He uses a series of simple motifs or riffs that are simple, but if used consistently can bring great results. He starts with simple 2 string patterns then extends them into longer phrases. After that, it's arpeggio madness followed by what MAB calls "The Monster Lick"!

The speed that MAB plays at may intimidate many into not attempting to use it. Don't be afraid! It's built over time and this DVD is meant to help you start with simple riffs and build up to more complex ones. After you master all the content, you will look back on how simple it all was and you will be ready for more material.

It's part of an ever expanding series many of which I haven't seen yet. There are 6 in all and I've only seen 3, but it's about focusing on where you are and not getting rushed.

Liked about it +Informative- lessons and commentary
+Fun- just an opinion
+Essential for advanced playing

Didn't like +Mildly cheesy at points, but it wouldn't be the same otherwise.

Overall satisfaction:

By psychokannibal
May 09, 2011
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