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Hal Leonard Ozzy Osbournem / Randy Rhoads Tribute Guitar Tab Songbook


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A Must For Every Randy Rhoads Fan!

Comments I actually have the original tabulature book from the 80's which has a special fold-out section in the middle of the book. It has a few of pictures Randy and Ozzy together as well as a fold out poster. This particular item has, "note-for-note transcriptions" where mine says, "special fold-out inside". So if this one doesn't have the pics and poster in the middle, everything else should be the same.

Wolf Marshall is transcribing and you can never go wrong with Wolf's tabs. This book is everything that's heard on the Tribute album, including a tab to "Dee". What you will see is how Randy played live. He takes the studio version and re-edits it so that the live version has all of the multi-layered guitar sound coming out of just one guitar. He did this sometimes by using arpeggiation to imply multi-tracked guitars. And in one song he leaves off the final measures of his guitar solo in favor of playing the stronger rhythm guitar riff.

Tribute essentially re-writes the studio versions of these songs. I've personally found that I prefer the live version to the studio version, and I'm not a live recording fan.

Liked about it Accurate tabulature by Wolf Marshall. Includes every song off the Tribute album, including "Dee".

Didn't like I'm not sure if this newer tab book will have the pics and poster in the middle like mine does. Seems like it would mention that on the front if it did have it. Something else that would be nice since this is "Tribute" would be some words from Ozzy and perhaps his mom, Dee.

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By courtney2018
Aug 06, 2009
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Price: $2 to $11
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