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Hal Leonard The Ultimate Scale Book Book


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Tons Of Scales For Under $8

Comments This little book has 59 pages jam packed full of scales. There's the typical major and minor scales, the blues scale, jazz scales, harmonic and melodic minor, chromatic, whole tone and diminished scales. Also has some exotic and ethnic scales.

Every scale and position is laid out on a fretboard diagram, which makes it super easy to read. It's not just pictures though. The author, Troy Stetina, also discusses each scale.

At 4.5" wide it's small enough to go anywhere with you. Would easily fit in your guitar case. It's a great reference that covers every scale (35 of them) for modern music. And for $6 you really can't beat it.

Liked about it Forget about searching online for scales. Spend $6 and get this book. It's all you're ever going to need. Unless you're in search for a strange, obscure exotic scale that no one ever uses, then this book is going to have everything you want...including some exotic scales. It really lays everything out for you and in every position, so there's no guess work if you're wanting to move the scale around on the fretboard. Plus, it's so small that you can easily fit it in your guitar case.

Didn't like It's hard to find anything that's bad with this book. The only thing I'd like to see is a compilation of more exotic scales. This book gives you Enigmatic, Double Harmonic, Hungarian Minor, Persian, Arabian, Japanese, Egyptian, and Hirajoshi, but there are lots of others out there. It would save me from searching the net to find something new...even if it's just to say I've played it once.

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By courtney2018
Aug 07, 2009
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Price: $2 to $2
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