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Hudson Music Fender Presents: Getting Started on Electric Guitar - The...


Price: $5 to $5 at 2 stores
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Well worth the money!

Comments I recieved this DVD as a gift over 8 years ago when I first started playing. Many instructional DVDs are done by simply turning on a camera and having a great guitarist play and "Try" to explain what he is doing! This DVD on the other hand can "Teach" the others how to "Teach" Every beginner who buys an electric guitar should buy this DVD!

Liked about it This DVD was professionally planned, rehearsed and performed! Keith Wyatt leads you through every step of the way while being very relaxed, intelligent and extremely clear on his intructions! He coveres rock, blues and country with superb detailed breadowns of the rhythm and leads; showing fingering and explaining some terms! Your also shown how to perform some techniques properly such as the finger roll, bends and palm muting which can all be viewed close-up so you can surely nail the technique!

Didn't like You have to have some basic knowledge of a guitar as this instructional DVD is intended more for an adult or older teen. The songs might be difficult to perform and the exercises can be a little difficult to practice! as you know this isnt the only instructional DVD "learn and master guitar" is probably the best instructional guitar DVD out on the market

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By Weezel
Feb 02, 2010
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Price: $5 to $5
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