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Dean Markley 2691 SR2000 Medium Bass Strings Featured

Gauges 48-67-84-106.Oh yeah bass players! The Dean Markley SR2000 is one hot string! Taper-wrapping at the bridge allows SR2000 bass strings to vibrate more easily and longer. Their tone is unbelievable! They growl, they pop, they sing, they ...

Price: $10 to $24 at 6 stores
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As always...a winner!

Comments Dean Markley strings in general seem to be made to last a bit longer and stay brighter through their life. These bass strings are no exception. As a guitarist you hear stories about guys boiling their strings, but not with these. There just isn't the need, plus I'm a guitarist which means I'm lazy, so thank goodness for Dean Markley...There is the pronounced brightness, even with a nice low end type of feel. They cut through both ringing and mellow. I have never used them live, but for the amount of recording I do (a moderate amount) they have been fantastic.

Liked about it 1) Sound quality
2)Long life

Didn't like 1) Packaging looks cheesy

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Aug 13, 2009
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Price: $10 to $24
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at 6 stores

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