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Rotosound RS666LD 6-String Roundwound Bass Strings Featured

Handmade in England.

Price: $17 to $37 at 9 stores
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Huge Bass Sound

Comments RotoSound is the string to go to for bass guitar. I don't play that much bass unless I'm recording. RotoSound makes my 6 string Ibanez bass really come to life. It's the most popular roundwound bass string that RotoSound makes. The strings really bring out the tonality of each note.

RotoSound took two of their popular set, the RS66LD and the RS66LC and made a hybrid out of them to create this string set.

Liked about it You know if Billy Sheehan and Geddy Lee use these strings then they have to be good. These strings can really bring your bass to life. You'll hear a crispness and warmth from every note. I personally wouldn't use anything else on a bass. RotoSound has been around for a long time and they've got these strings dialed in perfectly.

Didn't like There's really nothing that I can find that's bad about this product. It's a top of the line RotoSound string with great tone and brilliance.

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By courtney2018
Aug 07, 2009
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Price: $17 to $37
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at 9 stores

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