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Blue Steel Light .09-.42

.09-.42 gauge set, cryogenically frozen

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More than just a gimmic featured

Comments I've tried all kinds of strings in my 20+ years of playing and I like to think I know when something is the real deal and when something is just a fad, gimmic or marketing ploy. My strings of choice used to be Fender 150XL's, but one of my friends turned me on to the Dean Markley Blue Steel strings over 10 years ago just to try something different. At that time I always thought that "strings were strings"...all nickel strings sounded the same, steel strings sounded the same, etc., etc. but I was told that the Blue Steels were different. Well, they are in the way that they are cryogenically frozen and what that does is add brightness and gives a bit more life. I was pleasantly surprised as it gave my guitars more "life" and resonance...and finally realized that "all strings are NOT just strings." They are all what I use to this day and I can shop around and find them for the same price of "standard" strings but get a superior product.

Liked about it I really like the brighter tone and they actually sound more "alive" than regular nickel strings. They do last a bit longer and they are priced reasonably.

Didn't like I can't really think of anyhing to not like about them...they are great strings that aren't expensive.

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By Mattitude
Feb 26, 2010
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