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Fender 150XL Extra Lite Original 150's

- String Gauges: 9-11-15-24-32-40. Fender 150XL Extra Light Original 150s Pure Nickel Wound guitar strings are ideal for players trying to achieve a great vintage sound. The pure nickel cover wraps create a warm, full tone and help reduce finger noise. - -

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Great warm vintage tone.

Comments I was recommended these strings from one of my EVH fan friends. This set has a unique gauge .09-040 and are made of pure nickle. Anyone who remembers the old EVH Ernie Ball signature set will know this gauge. On all the early VH recordings, the story is that this Fender set was what was used. They are pure nickle and have a warm, round sound right out of the package. The tension is great, and the strings are very flexible and soft. Tone-wise, they're not an overly bright string, due to the nickle. The lighter low E string keeps the guitar sounding very balanced across all strings, feel-wise and tone-wise.

These would not be very suitable for heavy metal type sounds, but are great for classic rock, blues, and early VH tone.

One thing of note is that the softer nickle material renders the string a fair bit softer than a lot of other sets, in my use of this set, string breakage occurred fairly regularly after a a couple of weeks of hard use.

Liked about it Warm, round and brown sound.
Lighter low E.
Price was very low.

Didn't like They tend to break more easily than some other conventional sets.

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By blackspy
Jul 08, 2010
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