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GHS Boomers 10-52 GBTNT T-N-T Featured

These roundwound strings are GHS' most popular electrics. They feature nickel-plated steel wrap and are designed for Heavy Metal, Rock, Country, Blues, and Pop styles.

Price: $3 to $232 at 18 stores
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Big tone in standard tuning, fantastic for drop tuning featured

Comments I have used the GHS Boomers probably for as long as I have played electric guitar, and have always loved their tone. When I started looking at thicker than the standard 9-42 string gauges the 10-52 T-N-T strings looked like a perfect balance of big tone for the wound bass strings, and a the relative flexibility of of the lighter treble strings.

I first used the T-N-Ts in standard tuning on my 25.5" scale Ibanez RG guitars. It took a while to get used to the extra effort required to bend notes, but it was definitely worthwhile with all the extra big tone that was available.

I was able to set them up on a floating Floyd Rose tremolo with little difficulty. Just the obligatory spring, and truss rod adjustments, intonation, and bridge changes.

I really enjoyed the extra big sound, and found them awesome hard rhythm sounds, and the extra tone and sustain on solos was fantastic.

The other noticeable benefit of the 10-52 gauge string set it that the tension of the strings was far more progressive across the board from low E to high e.

The only issue I stumbled upon with the T-N-T 10-52 GHS Boomer set is not really an issue with the strings themselves. I developed Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, and since developing it I haven't been able to play and bend notes as well on the 10-52 set. I went back to regular 9-42 sets so that I could play reasonably well again. I do miss the tone though.

I do still use the 10-52 sets on a 25'5" scale Ibanez tuned to D-standard. I find these strings perfect for the whole step down tuning as the tension on the guitar still feels much like a regular 9-42 set tuned to E standard, and the strings provide a nice fat tone without getting too muddy.

Overall I find the GHS Boomers T-N-T 10-52 string sets to be fantastic, toneful strings with a nice balanced tension across the fretboard. They will take some adjustment if playing in standard tuning, but the extra work is worth it when you have the huge tone available to you. If you have any hand/arm related issues they may be a bit much. They are also the perfect string set for tuning down to D standard.

Liked about it Huge tone.
* Nice tension across the board.
* Fantastic for D standard tuning.

Didn't like Not so much a problem with the strings, but can be hard on you if you have Carpal Tunnel Syndrome or similar conditions.

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By LonePhantom
Apr 21, 2010
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Price: $3 to $232
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