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Dean Markley 1974 Vintage Electric Reissue Electric Guitar Strings - L...

Dean Markley's Vintage Electric Reissue electric guitar strings are nickel-plated steel hand-wound slowly over a round core, which affords the outer string wrap to have 100% contact with the core wire. This allows the guitar string to vibrate ...

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Nice idea, but some areas for more thought featured

Comments I guess these strings are aimed at people playing heavy riffs who need that thick sound and stability of a heavy guage with the ability to fly around the neck for solos. In theory it is all good but in practice I found that the difference in guage meant that it was a lot easier to break the thinner strings unless you chage you attack when you switch.

I didn't think they worked particularly well with Floyd Rose type bridges, so fixed or non-locking trms only.

Dean Markleys always have a good rich tone when new and these are no exception.

Liked about it Allows you to get the rhythm sound you crave without having to develop fingers like Zakk Wylde to play lead.
Classic Dean Markley tone.

Didn't like Too easy to break the light strings if you aren't adjusting your attack when switching.
Not as good lead tone, because of the difference in guage.
Don't really work on floating bridges.

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By nickcoumbe
Oct 19, 2009
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