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DR Strings BKE-11 Black Beauties Coated Electric Guitar Strings Featured

DR Handmade Black Beauties - Extra Life Black Strings. Heavy gauge black coated electric guitar strings wound on a hex core. DR coated strings have .0003" coating. The plain strings have the coating applied directly to the string before the ball ...

Price: $2 to $41 at 9 stores
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Good strings, price is a bit high.

Comments If you want a set of strings that feel good, last a long time and look a little different these are great. They have good tone, they feel great and last. I prefer these to Elixer strings for long life strings. These particular ones are the ones I'm reviewing, but I've tried them in various colors and they don't dissapoint, plus they give a unique look to something usually bland, strings.

Liked about it Good feel and tension on the strings. Longer life than regular strings. I like the look of them, and the other colors as well. It is a little different, and who doesn't like trying things that are different? Looks really cool on a maple fretboard.

Didn't like The coating comes off around where you'd be picking, and your guitar will have little bits of dust all over it where this comes off. It's not harmful at all, just annoying. Where I buy strings locally, they price on these was pretty high compared to my usual strings.

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By blackspy
Oct 07, 2009
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Price: $2 to $41
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