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DR Strings Black Beauties Coated Electric Guitar Strings Featured

Musical Instruments

Price: $3 to $63 at 7 stores
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unfortunately, not made for every guitar featured

Comments Come on, they werent made for your blonde guitars! If you have a black ESP, Jackson, Ibanez, etc...Then these beauties will look pretty badass! Of course, Like with any other coated strings the coating does come off in certain areas but what makes these strings different is the tone isnt affected by it ;) These strings do keep its sound for about a month or two of non-stop abusive playing before you notice its sound quality to diminish!

Liked about it Makes a black guitar look even more badass! When you first apply the strings you dont get any of that new cripsy, Snappy sound as you would with other strings. They are very smooth and easy on the fingers and actually are quite "Warm" sounding compared to other strings. I think they perform and hold pinch hamronics a little better then other coated strings and stay in tune quite well.

Didn't like The coating does wear off in common fretting positions and heavy picking areas. It comes off quite easily and fast pending on how much you play(The tone is not affected by the loss of coating) I think they need more colors to suit different styles of guitars :) and although these strings do last for awhile, the spots where the coating comes off makes the strings look ugly and makes you want to replace them immediately!(even though theres no need to)

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By Weezel
Feb 08, 2010
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Price: $3 to $63
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at 7 stores

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