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DR Strings PKE-10 Hot Pink Coated Medium Electric Guitar Strings

You dress to impress so why not dress up your guitar? Thanks to the exclusive DR coating technique, you get strings that last longer and sound great night after night. These color coated strings add a splash of style to your axe and they offer the ...

Price: $5 to $14 at 2 stores
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Finally! Guitar strings to get excited about

Comments It is something that I never thought would happen, but I cannot describe toyou my amazement when my local guitar shop said "you have to see these".

Coloured guitar strings are probably the last thing on anyone's shopping list in terms of being life enhancing, and understandably people often ask me why I use them. The answer is always the same. Because I can. For those of us who grew up in the eighties when stripey or flourescent guitars were (and still are) the coolest thing you could own, these strings fit right in.

Apart from being great to look at, they are also very nice to play. The coating that gives you the colour also gives the string an uncanny smooth feeling. It is not quite like a teflon feel, but it is certainly more slippery than abrasive and makes for easier slides and less sore fingers.

Liked about it The colour is cool, and I smile every time I see them.
The coating feels slick, and they are smoother than most other strings makeing slides easier. They also feel more "stretchable" and I am yet to break one.
Slick coating is easier on the fingers too, making them easier to play for longer.

Didn't like The coating will wear off over time, particularly in areas of heavy picking, although the pink is slightly better than the blues in this regard.
The tone is not the greatest ever. You wouldn't be able to tell the difference when amplified, but acoustically it is there.
Not the longest life span.

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By nickcoumbe
Aug 05, 2009
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Price: $5 to $14
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