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DR Strings Tite-Fit Electric Guitar Strings Half-Tite Featured

DR Strings Electric Guitar - Tite-Fit Nickel Plated Half-Tite, .095-.044, HT-9.5

Price: $1 to $6 at 5 stores
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A Little saddening. featured

Comments Im a person who just tries things for the hell of it. If i see a string type Ive never seen, i'll buy them and try them out. This was a Case for these DRs. Being in the north of the UK (Near Manchester) We rarely see anything other than, Ernie Ball, D'Addario, Fender, Rotosound and maybe the odd Dunlop and stagg strings. So to see these on a shelf, my eyes lit up like the first day of Christmas! Ive heard so much good about them i couldn't wait to get them home! You see, i dislike buying off the internet, i prefer to buy locally.

The guitar i used was a Ibanez USCGR, into a Handwired Fender 65'twin, and for the heavier stuff i used a Mesa Boogie Rect-O-Verb. (Id also like to point out that my go-to strings are Dean Markley Blue Steels, You'll be able to read of what i think of them in my review of them...)

Liked about it So when i finally threw these strings on my Ibanez they felt great! They felt smooth and the bended great! (They also smelt good too, not sure if that counts but still, i enjoyed it) However this was short lived when i plugged it in...

Didn't like This really disapointed me, they sounded really thin and tinny, all of the strings, bad on clean, worse on distortion. i few more hours into playing, (Not within the same day, i have stuff to do!) the B string snapped on me. Bad Times.

So as soon as that happened i went to my second go to strings(Fender Bullets which you can also read my review on) since my favorites i have to order from the internet.

Overall, they disappointed me. Sorry DR. (I do like your coloured strings though. They're pretty good!(We still cool DR?))

Big The Cat

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By Big The Cat
Dec 14, 2010
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Price: $1 to $6
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