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Ernie Ball 2620 Power Slinky Nickel Wound 7-String Electric Guitar Str...

Musical Instruments

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I've been using EB exclusive for my IBZ Universe.

Comments I've been using these for several months for detuning experimentation. Even with frequent tuning changes, these things have not shown any signs of damage. I expect them to last for a good amount of time.
No complaints about the tone, either. It gets the job done.

Liked about it 1. Steve Vai been using it on his Universe, so I owned the Universe and decided to follow suit.
2. I used 009 to 52 on my Universe so EB is the only one that is consistently supplying the right gauge.
3. This is the next best strings right after D'addario. Tone wise almost comparable to each other.

Didn't like The only thing that is slacking is the packaging, and maybe that is why they are a bit Cheaper than the others.

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By Zepp3lin
Aug 04, 2009
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Price: $4 to $4
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