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Fender Super Bullets 3250M Medium Electric Guitar Strings

The ultimate string for modern tremolo players! The combination of Nickelplated Steel with our patented, German made Bullet End, which fits precisely in the tremolo block, creates one stable string! For all of you heavy trem users, the end of your ...

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Great concept, awful tone

Comments I bought a few sets of these after reading about it's concept on the internet, I brought it to my luthier, along with a set of new pickups for my MIJ strat. The pickup itself Is considered 'boutique' and I never read a single negative comment about it.

I was disappointed with the initial result, the tone is just wrong, low end is too boomy and muddy, high string is too harsh. I almost put the pickups for sale after 2 weeks playing.

Until finally I change the string with d'addario of the same size (11-49). Wow, The difference is almost like changing pickups, suddenly he frequency fell into the right place, and the tone is amazing, bright, airy, and low end is deep but not muddy.

I don't understand how a set of string can affect the tone to such extent. But I currently have my other fender bullet strings for sale, I won't bother using it on my guitar ever again.

Liked about it 1. Bullet string end looks kinda cool sitting in the trem block.

Didn't like 1. Bad tone. Muddy low strings, shrill high strings, less sustain.
2. It's really high tension, compared to d'addario/ernie ball.
3. They are slightly more expensive than d'adadrio or ernie ball.

Stay away from these strings, folks!

Overall satisfaction:

By bowie8889
Jul 17, 2012
Last updated: July 23, 2012
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