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GHS R+RXL Nickel Rockers Roundwound Extra Light Electric Guitar String...

Since 1964 GHS strings has manufactured the highest quality guitar strings available. Professional musicians and amateur hobbyists who want great sound from their strings use GHS strings. Whatever your tastes, from bright crunching rock to a mellow,...

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Very good string.... great tone!

Comments Can't beat the combination of these strings with stainless frets. No need to worry about excessive fret wear over an extended period when using these on that "one" favorite guitar.

Liked about it These strings hold their tonal characteristics better than say Boomers or many other name brands. No gimmicks here like cryogenics or pretty colored coatings. Just a well made string with exceptional tonal quality, brightness, and feel! I would recommend using the R+EJL set (010, .013, .018, .26w, .38w, .50w) or the R+RL set (010 013 017 026W 036W 046W) and would have offered a review of those has I seen them listed. But what the hey.... try any of these sets (depending on your gauge preference)and enjoy!

Didn't like These strings can on occasion be difficult to obtain depending on your geographic location and the local availability. Some smaller music stores just can't stock every brand or type of string. My suggestion would be to mail order a set or two from a reputable dealer to check them out. If you like them, order a box or two from your local music store! I have ordered via Elderly Instruments with great results regarding customer service, pricing, and availability.

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By Strat57 Aug 12, 2009
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