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7-string drop D guitar. Prestige Modell

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Tone monster featured

Sound Now I was really eager to test this guitar, as many people are waiting for that modell. The guitar comes preloaded with a drop D tuning and .10 string set. Even dry it has lots of attack and a really scary growl to it, plugged in at high gain, this is definately for every metalhead out there. The Ibanez pickups are better than their reputation and they sound in the direction of D-Activators/ToneZone mix. Of course this guitar is not ment to be played clean, but you can actually get nice tones there too.

All in all if you want a 7-string growl monster in drop D this guitar is for you. Sound wise it totally delivers as advertised.

Action, Fit, & Finish The action was a bit high on delivery, but this is actually a good thing for the drop tuning. You hit the strings hard so the higher action helps prevent buzz etc. The finish was very nice and I think prestige finishes are getting better again 2010.

Now what I did not like at all was how the EZ trem was setup with that ZP system. I really could not find a setting where I would be as pleased as my old trusted 1527. I played the EZ on 6-strings and the new 1527 and it was OKish (not as good as the previous Edge trems), but on this baby I could not befriend the trem. I really wished for a lo-pro.

Apart from that the guitar is really nice and I can recommend it to any drop tuning metal head around.

Reliability & Durability Only had it for a week to review, but it was well built and has an excellent finish, as to be expected from a prestige guitar.

Customer Support European Ibanez support is great.

Liked about it + Tone
+ Handling
+ Playability

Didn't like - Trem

Overall satisfaction:

By Tank
May 10, 2010
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