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B.C. Rich Perfect 10 Bich 10-String Electric Guitar

BC Rich has re-released the 10-string Bich and they've done it justice.

Price: $455 to $494 at 2 stores
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B.C. Rich Perfect 10 Bich 10-String Electric Guitar Dragon Blood Finish featured

Sound This is really a tone machine in just about every way. The neck-through construction provides awesome sustain and a wonderful feel playing higher on the neck. Clean tones are akin to what a 12-string guitar sounds like, but with a bit more clarity and less muddiness as a result of the bottom two strings not having octave strings. On overdriven and distorted patches chords take on a rich fullness and slightly different tone as the third and fourth strings have the octaves. The result of the first and second strings being doubled just adds more fullness to the tone. Single notes and solos are surprisingly easy to play--one would think it would be a major adjustment to play two strings at a time, but they're so close together it is somewhat imperceptible. Additionally, the guitar affords the flexibility of removing the additional four strings and just running it as a six-string. As far as electronics, each pickup has an individual coil-splitting mini switch and there is a third mini-toggle that is a phase switch when both pickups are engaged. There is also a five-position Varitone that switches in different capacitor values to brighten or darken the tone in more subtle ways.

The attached sound clips were created using my standard POD Farm settings. The POD Farm tones used to record these sound clips can be downloaded from:

I didn't really rehearse these parts but I think they illustrate the subtle differences made possible by the 10-string.




Action, Fit, & Finish Aesthetically, my guitar has all-black pickups instead of the zebra pickups depicted in the image. The pickups are Rockfield Mafia pickups and work well in all of the pickup and electronics combinations. The coil-splitting and phase switches are great and it's nice to have them AND the Varitone included in the price. The bridge pickup is nice and cutting both clean and overdriven--the neck pickup is warm without being muddy. When the coils are split, nice strat-type tones are easily achieved. Although the phase switch obviously only works with both pickups engaged, the sound is nice old-style Brian May. Overall an EXTREMELY versatile guitar.

As a 10-string, this guitar has a specialized fixed bridge that accommodates the extra four strings. The action was set up from the factory extremely nice and low, just like I like it--I made no permanent adjustments. The Dragon's Blood finish is flawless and beautiful. The guitar is nice and thin and the neck is wonderfully playable. The Rockfield Mafia pickups are higher-output pickups and are adjusted farther away from the strings than I would normally adjust them, but I have no complaints. I tried bringing the bridge pickup closer to the strings but didn't like the change in tone, so I put it back.

Customer Support The guitar showed up missing one of the bridge saddle height adjustment screws--I called the vendor and they had BC Rich send out a replacement set of screws quickly. Very happy with the support.

Liked about it Best of both worlds between a six-string and a twelve-string, and can be run as a six string.
Extremely versatile electronics package is stock equipment.
Neck-through and beautifully finished.

Didn't like Quality control--missing bridge saddle height adjustment screw.

Overall satisfaction:

By racerevlon
Jan 10, 2010
Last updated: January 12, 2010
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Price: $455 to $494
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