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Cheap solid body with dual humbucker setup and massive body.

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Price Value Monster? featured

Sound Again tested through my trusted Carvin V3.

Now the 2 Humbuckers have a good amount of output and seem very well balanced. I would prefer a little bit different neck pickup, but the bridge one is spot on.

Clean the guitar has a really good and thick tone, somewhere between a Paula and SG.
Distorted the sound gets nicely pushed and even for the harder metal guys this guitar should do the trick.

All in all I am quite pleased with the sounds. The guitar has no "outstanding character" of its own, but has very decent sounds for the small price tag.

Action, Fit, & Finish The setup of the guitar is quite good and the strings go through the body over the fixed bridge and end in very decent tuners. So the tuning stability is quite OK and the tuners get the job done nicely. Of course the neck is coated, but feels quite OK. Some may want to sand it down, but it is more than playable from the factory.

The action is quite high from the factory but you can finetune it quite nicely. Fretwork is mediocre, but OK for the price tag.

The finish of the guitar itself is actually quite good and the shape reminds me of PRS or Patrick Eggle designs. It is actually quite playable even to the highest frets.

Again I am very please with this guitars price vs. performance.

Reliability & Durability Seems very well built.

Customer Support No dealings with them.

Liked about it + good sounds
+ excellent distorted
+ overall nicely built
+ much value for the price tag

Didn't like - Factory setup (OK for price tag, but you should get it setup)

Overall satisfaction:

By Tank
Feb 10, 2010
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This guitar is a good for newbies.

Sound Tested through a Line6 SpiderII.
This guitar sounds great, for the money the Mitey Mite Motherbuckers are pretty good.
They give a rocking distorted tone, really full and crunchy (using in-built amp distortion).
The only problem i had is that the bass of the pickups were quite excessive, Now some people like lots and lots of bass, so this is probably more of a personal niggle, i guess.
For metally sounds, this guitar is a good example.
Clean sounds let it down a bit, however. I found the neck pickup was a bit thin.

Mine had a push-pull pot to scoop one coil, this DOES improve its clean sound and is very useful. It makes this guitar slightly more versatile.

Action, Fit, & Finish The action on this guitar rocks, no buzzing, nice and low and fast.
Also, no manufacturing flaws that i could discern.

Reliability & Durability This guitar is dependable, if I'm playing metal, I'd use this guitar without a backup.
In fact, this guitar IS a backup for my RG, that's kinda why i bought it.
The other note is that this guitar is Very well-made, The finish is tough and durable (And trust me, im the clumsiest guy ever) and seems that this is pretty much a bomb-proof guitar.

This could be because i was told that they make Cort and ibanez guitars together, but i can't properly affirm this, so im not too sure there.

Customer Support Ive had no dealings.

Liked about it + The sound under distortion.
+ The push-Pull pot.
+ Very well made.
+ The action.

Didn't like - The clean sound.

Overall satisfaction:

By DamageControl
Aug 16, 2010
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