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Caparison Horus

the caparison horus made it's debut in 1995, more than ten years later, the collaboration that began with chacha maru and horus is still improving. - the horus features 27 frets and specially designed caparison neck position pickup with rich harmonics despite it's unconventional mounting position. the caparison bh-iir bridge pickup is mounted direct to the body for increased resonance and response. each horus features a different, original graphic finish. from 2006 the horus features upgraded wiring and electronics, as per caparison endorsee specs. - the push-push switch control allows for instant pickup switching as well as volume adjustment. - - specifications - - neck joint: bolt on neck - head - head stock: devil's tail with gold horus inlay - head angle: 15 degrees - machine heads: gotoh sg381-07 h.a.p - neck - neck material: hard maple - neck grip: caparison - fingerboard material: rosewood - neck scale: 628mm (24 3/4 inch.) - nut width: 42mm - no. of frets: 27 frets - frets: jumbo - nut: schaller r2 - position inlay: clock - body - body shape: horus - body material: mahogany - bridge: schaller s-frt ii - - - electronics - pickup - neck position: caparison sh-27f - bridge position: caparison bh-iir - controls: master volume with 2-way pickup selector switch - finish - head top:gloss black - neck finish: oil finish - body finish: scarab, thunder cloud, black night, yellow sand (graphic gloss) - hardware color: gold - tuning: regular - - others - strings: dean markley nickelsteel light (.009~.042) - accessories: hard case(cag-1), adjustable wrench

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My opinion of the the models Black Night, Yellow Sand, Scarab, Thundercloud

Sound It sounded not powerful enough for heavy metal, with the original pups. It would need a Boost/Sustainer eq pedal as Mattias IA Eklundh uses. It has the less powerful but yet harmonic sound. So when i exchanged the pups to Seymour Duncan Quarter Pounder single coil and Invader. It sounded just like Bare Knuckles Sinner Coil and Aftermath that are twice as pricey. So when i tuned it with different strings from G# , A, B, D , D# and E. It was pretty awesome connected just to a Tube Amp.

Action, Fit, & Finish The sanded neck with some little oil is like the pro's like it. But the 27 fret is hard to reach for small malmsteen fingers, the top horn is like a Satriani model, to high up on the frets vs Steve Vai Jem where its access all the way to 24 frets. So i would prefer the TAT model. That has the same body shape as JEM/SL-1.

Reliability & Durability Pretty build.

Customer Support Never tried it.

Liked about it The LOOKS, feel of the neck. Clock INLAYS, THE TOUCH VOL SWITCH.

Didn't like The Horus access to 24 and 27 fret. I was trying to have it tuned down to match a 7 string guitar but it wasnt easy on this body. Bernie Rico Jr Jekyll with 27 frets would be perfect for me. The Rico Neck Thru Design,..
AND the Neck Coil sound wasn't so perfect in CHIME as with a 24 or 22 frets positions on the body....

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By fireheart82
Mar 18, 2011
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Price: $1553 to $1553
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