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Cort G260

Swamp Ash Body - The G260 has a swamp ash body for rock solid construction and tone. - - Wilkinson VS50II Tremolo - The G260 features a Wilkinson VS50II tremolo with adjustable stainless steel saddles. - - Graph Tech TUSQ XL Nut - TUSQ XL nuts have improved the sustain and clarity of the sound.

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Cort G269

Sound Well the sound is the best. It's way to good for a guitar priced like that. For the humbucker you get a nice hot tone, but not mellow. It's splittable, but it's not something that I would use very often. The coils are great. The best distortion tone is on neck pickup. Just no comments. If you combine the two of single coil pickups, you get the brightest, but hot tone. I really don't use middle pickup that much. I play blues, rock, metal and this guitar is great, except doesn't play heavy stuff (makes sense). I use it with Peavey Vypyr 75. I use 0.009 gauge.

Action, Fit, & Finish The finish was perfect. Now on the action: Wilkinson is great, beautiful, does it's job, but the action isn't very low. I mean that if you put heavier gauge strings on it, you won't be able to put action very low. Another thing is that it has buzz on 3rd string. But it's not fret buzz. I think it's resonating with bridge. The octaves were set properly, neck too.

Reliability & Durability The guitar is great and most of it the input jack. The input jack is indestructable. And pots are great for volume swelling. Everything is fixed up. I would not bring it to a gig without backup, but not because i don't depend on it, there are other reasons. The finish doesn't wear out, but the guitar seems to be darker after 2 years. The neck has been played lots, but it's still smooth.

Customer Support Wasn't need.

Liked about it 1. AANJ neck joint
2. Sound
3. Feeling

Didn't like 1. Buzz

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By M.V
Oct 08, 2012
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