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Danelectro Modified Spec '59 Reissue

This is the unofficial Jimmy Page model, with the adjustable bridge.

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Sound I bought the guitar as I'm a fan of Jimmy Page's style, and loved his sound with this guitar, and the open tunings. When I got the guitar, I plugged it into my gear, tweaked some good crunch, with a bit of phase shifter, and viola ! I get all the classic sounds I was after.

The sound is very bright, due to the single coil Lipstick pickups. These pickups deliver their own sound, so there is no real comparison to any other guitar I'm familiar with. The pickups have very good clarity, and are not noisy, and very brilliant.

Action, Fit, & Finish Action out of the box was fine, I've made no changes as of yet. I bought the guitar from Guitar Center Online, which I don't normally do, but having owned Dano's before, you're getting a guitar made of Formica or of Clipboard material.

The strings that came on the guitar, however, had some foreign lubricant on them, which turned my finger tips black. Even wiped down, the strings were horrible, and I immediately remedied that.

There is no real finish, per se, but the guitar came with no finishing flaws what so ever.

My model has brushed aluminum finish on the pickups, and all metal items.

Reliability & Durability Dano's have some issues, over all, due to the lower quality of construction they are known for. On this model, the one issue I can see, which has been a Dano issue for the 30 years I've been playing, is the cable jack is on the pickguard, and when you pull your cord out, you need to support the pickguard, or you may end up cracking the pickguard right off.

You must note: these guitars are niche guitars. They are traditionally purchased for their unique sound.

Customer Support I've sent a few emails to Dano, both pre and post purchase, asking general questions, and got same day responses in all cases.

Liked about it I liked the way this guitar came out of the box, got plugged in, and delivered the sounds I was looking for right away.

The guitar is built with the same quality as Dano's from 25 years ago.

I like the metal nut. Mine is cut well, and adds alot of brightness to the guitar's overall sound.

Didn't like I didn't like the factory strings, as they were covered in some goo.. lubricant maybe?

The only other thing I don't like, is that Dano to this day still hasn't added a pickguard screw near the jack to suppport the pulling of the cord from the guitar, so the pickguard doesn't partially lift off the guitar. If you don't support this, you may end up cracking the pickguard, which is made of Clipboard material.

My ratings are based on the fact that I expected any and all negatives I pointed out, as they are classic Danelectro issues, minus the greasy strings. The guitar feels exactly the same as a real '59.

Overall satisfaction:

By Moander
Aug 24, 2010
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