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Dean V White Gold

The Dean White Gold is an elegant axe, with a fully bound mahogany body and neck, Gold Hardware on a white finish (including the cover for the single humbucker), Grover tuners, and pearl block inlays. It keeps it simple with its single pickup and volume control configuration--plug in and let the chords ring out. Ahhh, good as gold.

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Just like a proper Gibby, only affordable. featured

Sound It has a great warm sound. The standard Dean pickup really does its job well. It does have some tonal problems in drop A, in which I tuned it, but that was fixed with the massive gain boost it got from my Digitech Death Metal pedal. This is really a shred guitar. I am a very big fan of Nile, and if you put on the massively exaggerated gauges (.070; .050; .038; .021; .016; .011) it sounds fantastic. My amp is a Vox VT30AD, it doesn't really cut it for the Nile tone, but like I said, the pedal makes up for it. It can give a nice warm jazzy/bluesy sound as well. It is a great guitar for low and/or warm tones.

Action, Fit, & Finish The guitar was set up very well, like every Dean guitar I've played and owned. I don't know whether that was done by the store or in the plant itself, but it was done very well. The only flaw it had was a little dent in the binding on the neck. The bridge is a sturdy TOM, with string through, so it has to be solid.

Reliability & Durability This guitar is probably one of the most reliable guitars you could ever have. The Grovers never get out of tune, the intonation stays very well, the finish is great (white guitar with black suit on my last gig, love it), the only thing is that the gold hardware tend to get dirty very fast, but then again, I've never cleaned it... Anyway, it is a great guitar for great music.

Liked about it The finish, gotta love the combination of white and gold.

The tone, it has a balanced tone for lots of bass and middle.

The materials, it really feels like a piece of yourself when you play it.

Didn't like The little flaw in the finish, it may look like nothing, but when you love an instrument, you'll see it differently.

The output, it doesn't really give me the huge metal tone I like it to give me.

The location of the neck strap button, it sometimes gets in the way when reaching for the higher notes.

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May 30, 2011
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