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Epiphone Les Paul Plustop PRO/FX

Professional Features and a Floyd on a Les Paul! Now you can have it all! Epiphone's new Les Paul Plustop PRO/FX combines all the great features and looks in a Les Paul but adds a double-locking Floyd Rose tremolo and coil-tapping for an amazing combination of crunch and versatility.

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LP with A Floyd, Nice guitar featured

Sound The Epiphone Pro/FX is a very nice guitar. It is well built and the hardware selection is great. The Floyd Rose will stay in tune even during wild EVH or Steve Vai antics. If you have always wanted a Floyd equipped Les Paul but have limited funds this may be the guitar for you. I have several custom Gibson guitars that I love. I have tried many Floyd equipped guitars but never really bonded that well with them. They just felt different. The Gibson Axcess seemed like a sure thing but I did not want to spend $3000+ and not ended up happy. When I saw this guitar I knew I had to have it, same Les Paul feel with a Floyd, right? Close.
First is it is not a fixed bridge so you aren't going to be able to play unison bends in the same manner. When bending one string the others will go out of tune, but I knew this going into the deal (it is the nature of the beast). Just keep this in mind when you play floating bridges.
Second, the fretboard radius is 14' on the Pro/FX, most Gibson's are 12'. This isn't too big of a difference but you may notice it doesn't exactly feel like a standard Les Paul.
Third, the bridge pickup is farther forward (toward the neck) then a standard LP. This tends to lead to a darker sound with less of the bright attack you get from most Les Paul models. It appears that the Axcess pickup is located further back than the Epiphone Pro/FX. This ultimately led to me selling the guitar. When I want a Floyd, I want the classic bridge attack, not the sound of a middle or neck pickup. That is how it sounded to me. I made several pickup changes (including a JB, P-Rail, and Classic 57) and was still not satisfied. The classic 57's were the best, but truthfully for this particular guitar the Epiphone pickups gave me the brightest biting sound (although not the best articulation). In the end the guitar was just too dark for me.

Action, Fit, & Finish From the factory the action was high, but the Floyd was setup OK. A few minutes of tweaking and I had the action very low with little to no buzz. The Floyd performed flawlessly and the guitar was great to play. The finish was excellent except that there was on small black line on the binding under the clear coat. That did not bother me as the guitar was beautiful. The veneer top was pretty good, but I have seen better. It was still a very good looking guitar. I really wanted to keep the guitar because it played so well and had looks to match.

Reliability & Durability Like all Epiphone it is very durable. The Floyd on this is great and it stayed in tune. It would have been interesting to see how the knife edges hold up.

Customer Support I have owned so many Epiphone and Gibson guitars, but have only ever needed to call them for serial number support. They are always great helping authenticate guitars. The fact that I have never called them for service shows the quality of their products.

Liked about it I like the quality of the Floyd and the Looks of this guitar. Great value.

Didn't like I did not like the dark sound. Could be pickup location or just this particular guitar was dark. I do not know. This affects my rating significantly, otherwise if you like the sound the guitar is an excellent value.

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By fly_with_v
Mar 29, 2011
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